Nonlinear Analysis and Machine Learning for the Development of Smart Sleep Technologies

The group of neurophysiologists is focused on the study the functions of the cerebral lymphatic system and developing in vivo methods for visualization of transparent lymphatic vessels of the brain of humans and animals. The group develops methods for analysis of brain drainage and cleansing processes using two-photon, confocal and electron microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, histological and morphological approaches. Unique technologies have been developed for real time monitoring of lymphatic drainage function of the brain using nanotechnology and optical coherence tomography (RF Patent 2703393). Our group proosed the fundamental ideas about the formation of lymph in the brain and the anatomical ways of removing cerebrospinal and interstitial fluids from the brain ( Original methods for opening the blood-brain barrier using photodynamic effects (RF Patent 2688013; and loud sound (href="" target="_blank"> have been developed. For the first time, physiological patterns of activation of the lymphatic drainage function of the brain after the opening of the blood-brain barrier have been established (;