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«Smart Sleep» Laboratory

Mega Project

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation


On-line course «Lympha-Sleep»

Breakthrough Technologies in Neurobiology

Supervisor of the Project

Thomas Penzel


Technologies for Identification of Therapeutic Sleep Windows

The group of neurophysiologists is focused on the study of functions of the cerebral lymphatic system and development the new methods for real-time monitoring and analysis of lymphatic drainage and clearing of the human and anamial brain using two-photon, confocal and electron microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, histological and morphological approaches.

Clinical Studies of Functions of the Cerebral Lymphatic Vessels

In clinical studies using modern technologies for visualization of brain structures, the lymphatic processes of removing toxins from the central nervous system are studied. Pioneering technologies are being developed for modulating lymphatic processes of elimination of blood from brain in newborns and beta-amyloid in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Mathematical modeling of fluid movement in the brain during sleep

A model-theoretical analysis of the movement of brain fluids through the lymphatic vessels and the dependence of these processes on the state of wakefulness and sleep is carried out.

Optical Technologies of Visualization of the Cerebral Lymphatic Vessels

We develop pioneering technologies for in vivo visualization of transparent lymphatic vessels of the brain and its meninges, as well as for real-time monitoring of the lymphatic drainage of the brain in rodents using multiphoton, fluorescence microscopy and optical coherence tomography.

Nonlinear Analysis and Mashine Learning Methods for Development of Smart Sleep Technologies of Control of the Cerebral Lymphatic System

This group develops breakthrough technologies for identification of "therapeutic sleep windows" in order to diagnose the permability of the blood-brain barrier and to control the lymphatic drainage processes of removing toxins from brain using nonlinear EEG analysis and machine learning approaches.